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Pilates Avatar:  How it works

February 1, 2017

People have been asking me about what Pilates Avatar is and how it actually plays out in real life.  Watch this short video clip to see and then go to to grab an audio workout for yourself!  See how Pilates Avatar works in the real world, in real time! See how you can get better results and greater value out of your Pilates workouts. Stuck for time? See how Pilates Avatar can fit into your busy day

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Bye Bye Beta!

August 8, 2016

Concluding the public beta for Pilates Avatar!

Thanks for being patient as we worked to develop the best audio Pilates experience possible for all of you. We’ve learned & evolved, and are ready to introduce Pilates Avatar to the world. Along with the end of the public beta come some exciting developments:

Simpler & Streaming-Only

First, moving forward, all of our workouts will be streaming-only. Previously purchased downloads will continue to work as always. New purchases, however, will only be available through our new streaming service. This means Pilates Avatar lessons won’t take up valuable space on your smart phone or tablet, and you can still access them anywhere you have an internet connection. And best of all, you’ll never have to mess with iTunes again to sync workouts to your phone.

Pilates Avatar on Your iPad!

This has been a request by many of you and we’re proud to roll out official support for streaming Pilates Avatar directly on your iPad. Just log into on your iPad as usual, tap “My Workouts” and you're good to go.

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Lists Now Accessible to Everyone

Additionally, to help you make the best decisions for your lifestyle and workout needs, we have now made the exercise lists for all workouts public. That means you can see a breakdown of the exercises included in every lesson before you purchase. Now, you will have more helpful information you need to pick the best workout for you.

We hope these changes will better serve you as you work toward your fitness goals. 

Track your progress on social media, and be sure to tag #PilatesAvatar in your posts.To keep up with all of the new developments at Pilates Avatar, including new features, promotions and helpful tips, be sure to join us on social media.

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It’s the Height of Summer!

August 8, 2016

We're now officially in the thickest part of summer, and there is no better way to soak it in than to get outdoors. Everything slows down now, leaving you time to work on your fitness goals.

One great feature of Pilates Avatar is you can take the lessons with you anywhere. We're an audio program.  There’s no need to be cooped up inside a studio. With longer, warmer days, head outside and feel the grass between your toes as you perfect a pose. Pilates Avatar offers several workouts of varying lengths where all you need is a mat. Grab a matand your smartphone or tablet, and make your favorite park a pilates studio for the day. 

Summer is the time to rededicate yourself to fitness and set objectives for the remainder of the year. Pilates Avatar wants to support your goals. 

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Pilates Avatar Directly on Your Smartphone!

March 11, 2016

Today we’re announcing a major update to Pilates Avatar!

We started Pilates Avatar to empower you to become more independent with your practice. And while we built something you could download onto your smartphone and take with you, we knew we could make the mobile experience more streamlined. 

Starting today, you'll be taken to an upgraded experience optimized for mobile devices, where you can access all your workouts without having to download, sync, or mess with iTunes.

Watch the Screencast

We made a video so you can see all the new features in action, or read on so you can learn about what to look for:

Just log into on your smartphone’s web browser then tap on the circular user icon in the upper right corner of your screen. After you enter your username and password, you’ll be taken to your Workouts page where you’ll see all your workouts listed. 

Tap on the workout you want and be taken to that Workout page where you’ll be able to play the audio file immediately without having to download anything. Scroll down to see the exercises listed with a play button for each video snap.  At the very bottom of the page we kept a pdf of the exercise list in case you prefer that format.

Another great feature for playing the audio is the rewind/fast forward function which is as simple as a finger swipe around the inner circle.

We are excited about these new improvements making your Pilates Avatar experience much more streamlined and easy!

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