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Contrology is…

September 8, 2013

Pilates friends, 

It is with great pleasure that Benjamin Degenhardt and I release this video clip. We hope you enjoy watching us work and play!  We hope you can join our Retrospective Mat Workshop on November 3, 2013 in Newburyport.  

For me, this video also serves as a small token of love, respect and appreciation for my teacher Romana Kryzanowska - your spirit lives strong in our hearts and in our teaching.

"Contrology is..." is an homage to Joe Pilates, the genius of physical culture whose exercise method has become widely popular since his passing in 1967. Pilates teachers and educators Benjamin Degenhardt and Clare Dunphy collaborated in studying the original Mat exercises with the help of archival materials, and decided to pay tribute with this demonstration - and illustrate the power, grace, control, and movement quality that represents the work.

Contrology, the original name of the method created by Joe Pilates, is more than just exercise. His desire was for the method to be understood as a "return to life", simply by maintaining our physical instrument - our bodies - to the best of our abilities and capabilities. So that we, as a human species, can function better, and live better lives.

In a world where physical fitness is generally more determined by looks, and not by health, we want to pay tribute to the concepts that inspired Joe Pilates to create his amazing work by showcasing his original exercises. The quotes in the film were taken from his book "Return To Life".

Please note that this clip is not intended as an exercise video, and we would like to discourage from attempting to follow along with the exercises without proper guidance and instruction by a trained professional. Feel free to contact us for assistance in finding a teacher for you.

Special thanks to GRATZ Industries for providing us with original Mat apparatus, and to our helpers on site: 
Tina van Heyst Lyon and Jennifer Bender Ferre.

Learn more about Benjamin and Clare on our websites:

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Strap Tension In Rowing 90 Degrees

July 26, 2013

How do you maintain strap tension during Rowing 90 Degrees?  Connection with the springs can really help keep you in your powerhouse to get more out of this exercise.  With a little practice you will be able to keep your straps from going slack at a critical moment.  It's all in the timing of your torso movement with your arm movement.



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