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Continuing Education

Pilates Continuing Education

Geared towards advancing your knowledge and keeping you up to date, we offer a variety of workshops that focus on expanding your teaching skills with techniques and solutions that provide you with a greater understanding of how to create challenging and effective sessions for your clients.

Our continuing education workshops are open to all styles and levels regardless of your original certification.

Our continuing education courses are designed to help you:

Just when I think I truly understand the many layers of an exercise, Clare provides yet more depth of understanding. Clare is always mindful of the client’s established goals as she artfully crafts each session. You have got to use both your common sense and your creativity with individual clients…that is how Clare teaches us to invigorate each session.

—Leslie Homans, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Upcoming Events

Elevate Mentorship Program Fall 2021

Monday, October 4, 2021
United States
Clare Dunphy
Course Description

October 4-December 13, 2021

Elevate is a 10- week accelerated intensive mentorship program for Pilates teachers geared to the comprehensively trained Pilates teacher (450 hours on all apparatus) . The focus is on supporting you to achieve greater mastery in your personal practice and your teaching.  It consists 4 private workouts and 4 feedback sessions focused on your teaching to improve your ability to help your clients reach their goals.  In addition, there are 10 weekly mini-workshops with Clare Dunphy Hemani plus access to our online Elevate community.  Learn more here and apply now!

Learning Labs 6:  The Inspired Cadillac Part 1

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 @ 12:00pm

Clare Dunphy
Course Description

Part 1. Sept 28-Nov 2, 2021. Full Information

6 weeks of 90-minute Zoom workshops taking a closer look at the Cadillac (aka Trap Table) and Tower 

You will learn how to:

Discuss Cadillac philosophy, how and why to work the springs for individual purposes
Work with purpose to target a client’s needs using the roll back bar, push through bar, arm and leg springs, trapeze, ankle straps, and rails
Identify weak link(s) or faulty movement pattern(s) and make appropriate adjustments 
Use cues and touches to improve or enhance a movement 
Increase or decrease degree of difficulty to challenge client at their suitable intensity.
Identify the skills/signs of readiness necessary to try a next level exercise or variation
Demonstrate understanding of exercise sequencing to meet particular goals