Progressive Bodyworks | Pilates Mastery with Clare Dunphy

The Advanced Teaching Seminar

Pilates Continuing Education

The Advanced Teaching Seminar is a course designed for comprehensive certified teachers looking to expand their knowledgebase of the Pilates system and its application to particular individuals. The seminar is divided into three, 3-day sessions that will take place over the course of one year.

Curriculum Overview:

If you are interested in registering for the Advanced Seminar, download the 2020 application packet here.

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Clare is a gifted teacher with an eye for detail in movement that transformed my personal practice to a level that I didn’t know I was capable of. As a Mentor her generosity of in depth knowledge of Pilates, the human body and movement is immeasurable. Through her guidance and with her assistance I have become a Level IV Teacher Trainer with Peak Pilates and understand the Magic of the Pilates Method. Thank you Clare, you’re the best!”

—Pamela Garcia, Director Pure Pilates