Progressive Bodyworks | Pilates Mastery with Clare Dunphy

About Progressive Bodyworks

Why choose Progressive Bodyworks?

Our Pilates education blends methodology with knowledge, coupling personal growth with professional development. We impart more than simply what to teach, but how and why. Our comprehensive, student centered approach has produced excellent teachers world-wide since 2001. We attribute our success to individual attention and personalized coaching, given in a supportive learning environment, which helps groom teachers as they refine their craft. Our mission is to produce teachers who never stop learning.

The Studio

Whether you are considering primary certification, looking to expand your Pilates teaching knowledge with higher education or simply interested in taking lessons, Clare Dunphy has the deep experience, knowledge and skills to lead you to reach your goals and help you unleash your potential.

“The quality of the course delivered by Clare was truly inspirational. It is presented quietly and diligently. Her Mastery of the Pilates work is reflected in her dedication, enthusiasm, knowledge and technical prowess, and makes her School of Teacher Training a true ‘centre of excellence’ that respects the unique work of Joseph Pilates. Simply the Best.”

—Colin Henry, Scotland