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A Pilates Mentorship by Clare Dunphy Hemani

Elevate is an intensive 10-week Mentorship Program for comprehensively educated Pilates teachers*

It includes a combination of:

* minimum 450 hours on all apparatus

Meet the Directors

Clare Dunphy Hemani headshot

Clare — master mentor

Clare Dunphy Hemani is a world recognized Pilates teacher, educator, and mentor. Her roots in the field of human movement began at Northeastern University where she earned a BS in Physical Education in 1985, and holds NPCP and ACE certifications. More about Clare

Tina Lyon headshot

Tina — program advisor

Tina Lyon’s professional career began as a nuclear engineer and mathematics teacher. She began Pilates in 2004 and completed her comprehensive education with Peak Pilates in 2009. Tina has intensively studied with Clare including twice-weekly lessons for over a decade. BSME, MSME, MS Kinesiology. More about Tina

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Explore new learning possibilities after you complete your comprehensive Pilates education.

Workshops have a place; yet this mentorship experience dives deeper into the work and teaching — a mentor is your personal guide and walks with you every step of the way to your next level of mastery.

Why Enroll?

  • Gain greater understanding of your capabilities, potential, strengths and needs.
  • Help your clients reach their goals and see great results
  • Set attainable personal &
    professional goals
  • Develop workable strategies for reaching those goals

What We Believe In

  • Open-mindedness and non-judgmental interactions
  • Developing self-determination in clients and encouraging self-directed practice
  • A deep commitment to improving our industry, elevating one person at a time
  • Raising the level of professionalism and integrity of our industry

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How It Works

  1. Apply

    Let’s go! Start by filling out the Entry Form. You’ll be asked about your Pilates background, goals for your teaching and personal practice. Once registration is complete, you’ll receive your welcome kit.

  2. Meet & Greet

    You’ll meet Clare during your first group meet-up. We’ll do introductions and review the underpinnings of Pilates. Then, your first mentor meeting touches upon goals, course layout, and expectations.

  3. Immerse Yourself

    Now the fun starts as you work privately with your mentor in weekly lessons and feedback sessions and with Clare weekly for your group meet-ups. Get excited for an active experience!

  4. Stay Connected

    After your Elevate experience, continue the journey with your community on our private online platform. We are here to support you as you take new steps, integrating them into your Pilates work.

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Meet The Mentors

Elevate Mentors have undergone an extensive preparation process of at least 12 months with Clare Dunphy Hemani. Clare will continue to work closely with you and your mentor throughout your mentorship experience.


Anna McBain MS, Pilates Director at Evolution Fitness Systems, Olny, MD, Peak Pilates

More about Anna


Becky Dastrup NCPT, Pilates Director at Lifetime Fitness, Chicago, IL, Peak Pilates

More about Becky


Cecile Elias NCPT, Pittsburgh, PA, Power Pilates

More about Cecile


Debi Quinn Vincent NPCT, Owner of A Pilates Place, Crownsville, MD, Peak Pilates

More about Debi


Kimberly Kandra NCPT, Owner of A Pilates Place, Crownsville, MD, Power Pilates

More about Kimberly


Lynn Melfi, Owner of Classical Pilates of Long Island, Holbrook, NY, BASI

More about Lynn


Stefanie O’Rourke NCPT, Owner of Chesapeake Pilates Center, Annapolis, MD, Physical Mind Institute

More about Stefanie


Sunni Almond, Owner of True Pilates Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

More about Sunni

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What’s Included


Who are Elevate Mentors?

They are experienced, seasoned comprehensively educated teachers who have undergone an extensive mentor preparation process with Clare Dunphy Hemani. They work closely with Clare throughout your mentorship experience. Elevate mentors are open-minded, inclusive, compassionate, and non-judgmental.

Who is Elevate for?

Teachers who are ready to move to the next level in developing their teaching and personal practice.

What are the prerequisites?

Comprehensive Pilates education on all apparatus from a program with at least 450 documented hours.

Technological Requirements: Capability to use Zoom, record and upload files.

What can I expect?

Four private lessons, four teaching feedback sessions with your mentor, and ten mentee meetings with Clare.

Move from the perspective of “what” and “how” to “what’s working.”

Is Elevate for classical teachers only?

No, we are open to anyone willing to learning more about their teaching and their own personal practice. If you’re attracted to us, we’re attracted to you.

What are the teaching philosophies and values of Elevate?

We teach:

  • according to Mat and Reformer orders
  • transitions as part of the exercise
  • economy of movement
  • finding stress free movement
  • with the full system of apparatus

We create an environment free of shame/fear of being exposed. We take joy in helping teachers help their clients take greater ownership, become less dependent, and move with intelligence within their own bodies.

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