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Stefanie O’Rourke

Annapolis, MD

Stefanie tested out for her Comprehensive Training in January 2005 with PhysicalMind Institute in NYC.  The Eve Gentry based curriculum focussed on how Eve’s pre-pilates fundamentals linked through Joe’s system of exercises.  Learning this skill helped her to read bodies and understand the entire system of Pilates.  Through out the years, Stefanie took various workshops with leaders in the industry.  In 2015, she moved out of her small rented space where she quietly ran a practice for 10 years while raising her small children.  Stefanie purchased a commercial condo and opened Chesapeake Pilates Center.  

Feeling lost in the industry, Stefanie attended national conferences so she could study with 1st and 2nd generation instructors to help her define her pilates philosophy.  She went in search of a mentor to her her grow.  She bought a 2nd hand Gratz reformer which made her feel the work surprisingly deeper.  In 2017 when she picked up the phone and talked to Clare Dunphy, it all clicked together.  She completed Clare’s Advanced Teaching Seminar in 2019.

Stefanie feels it’s important for instructors to study Pilates history to help them grow and thrive confidently in this industry.  Understanding the impact of those who carried on Joe’s work will help us to become insightful without being discriminative.

Stefanie has a BA in Communications.  She has worked in TV news and production, advertising, recruiting and sales.  During a step class in 1997 she was recruited to become a fitness instructor which she did part time.  She was introduced to pilates by a friend and colleague in 2001.  It was short spine that made her mind and body fall in love with pilates.

Stefanie feels honored to be part of the Elevate Mentor Program with her dedicated, passionate and gifted colleagues.  She hopes that her personal experience can help the next generation of instructors define their values and gain confidence in their teaching.  The program’s focus on mentees clients goals and needs is a fresh and simple approach.

“A good teacher can never be fixed in a routine.  Each moment requires a sensitive mind that is constantly changing and constantly adapting.  A teacher must never impose this student to fit his favorite pattern.  A good teacher protects his students from his own influence.  A teacher is never a giver of truth:  he is a guide, a pointer of truth that each student must find for himself” - Bruce Lee

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