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Lynn Melfi

Holbrook, NY

Studio owner and instructor at Classical Pilates of Long Island located on the south shore of Long Island, Holbrook, NY.

Lynn is a comprehensively educated Pilates teacher and has received her classical Advanced Teaching Degree from Clare Dunphy.

Lynn began her journey to become a teacher in 2010 with Body Arts & Science International. After her initial comprehensive education, however, Lynn wanted more and sought further education through workshops and training with many top instructors. 

She had the privilege of studying and mentoring with master instructors Jennifer Kries and Clare Dunphy, and that’s when her Pilates understanding took off with the depth and breadth that she was searching for. 

Lynn went on to complete the classical Advanced Teaching Seminar with Clare Dunphy.

The education she received from both Jennifer Kries and Clare Dunphy establishes her as a 3rd generation Pilates teacher. It is this elite level of expertise and legacy that Lynn hopes to pass on directly to every client and fellow teacher that she works with.

Lynn came to Pilates with what she calls her ‘lifetime love affair with movement and words’.

Pilates allows Lynn to utilize, explore and enjoy her two gifts and passions. She has a Master’s Degree in Literature and spends her free time writing novels and articles. She currently has three completed novels that she dreams of one day publishing. 

Lynn hopes, as a mentor, to help fellow instructors find their missing piece.

She struggled until she found her first mentor, Jennifer Kries and then subsequently, Clare Dunphy. 

Lynn felt lost as a Pilates instructor and was almost ready to give up. Her mentors have been, and continue to be, beacons that show the way and directly pass down the legacy of Joe’s work; she is excited to now be that person for someone else. 

Being a part of the Elevate Mentorship Program has deepened her knowledge base and with Clare’s guidance, she understands how to help instructors enhance their own teaching.

Lynn looks forward to helping you examine your own personal instructing method and style. In your work together with Lynn, you will discover new teaching skills so that you may become the most effective instructor for each of your individual clients. 

Lynn is honored and excited to be a part of the mentorship process and she strives to carry forward the work and legacy of Joseph Pilates with integrity.

“Physical fitness can neither be acquired by wishful thinking nor by outright purchase.” 

“The acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors.” —Joseph Pilates, Return to Life

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