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Debi Quinn Vincent

Crownsville, MD

Debi Quinn Vincent is the owner of Active Body and Health Pilates in Severna Park, Md.  

She is both a Pilates teacher and spinning and group exercise instructor. 

A Peak Pilates graduate in 2008, she is NPCT and ACE certified, and a Peak Pilates teacher trainer. 

She completed The Advanced Teaching Seminar with Clare Dunphy Hemani in 2018. 

Debi was initially introduced to Pilates by her physical therapist due to a gymnastics injury and experienced firsthand how powerful the Pilates Method is for healing. 

When Debi started her teacher training program she was a young mom with two kids under 2 years old. 

She feels fortunate to have experienced a top-notch teacher trainer, Cameron Macdonald, who inspired her with knowledgeability, honesty, and high standards. 

Prior to becoming a Pilates teacher, Debi was fitness educator/presenter. 

She met Clare Dunphy in 2015 during a 2-day workshop titled Pilates and Physical Therapy and ultimately became a Peak Pilates teacher trainer a few years later.

Debi is in her element when she works with instructors; their energy and passion for Pilates makes every session interesting and fun.

She loves mentoring instructors as they progress through their Pilates journey. 

 “Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

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