Progressive Bodyworks | Pilates Mastery with Clare Dunphy

The Advanced Teaching Seminar

Pilates Continuing Education

We will resume the Advanced Teaching Seminar when we’re able to be in person again! Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when we’re back up.

The Advanced Teaching Seminar is a course designed for comprehensive certified teachers looking to expand their knowledgebase of the Pilates system and its application to particular individuals. The seminar is divided into three, 3-day sessions that will take place over the course of one year.

Curriculum Overview:

Clare is a gifted teacher with an eye for detail in movement that transformed my personal practice to a level that I didn’t know I was capable of. As a Mentor her generosity of in depth knowledge of Pilates, the human body and movement is immeasurable. Through her guidance and with her assistance I have become a Level IV Teacher Trainer with Peak Pilates and understand the Magic of the Pilates Method. Thank you Clare, you’re the best!”

—Pamela Garcia, Director Pure Pilates