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Primary Education

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Progressive Bodyworks offers exceptional primary Pilates certification with Peak Pilates in a flexible modular schedule that is right for you. We integrate both the art and science of human movement with a progressive educational approach.

Course Dates 2012-2014

Each session begins Sunday evening from 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Monday and Tuesday times are 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Lunch is provided on Monday and Tuesday.

Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification Level I
Module 1: June 10-12, 2012
Module 2: July 15-17, 2012
Module 3: August 12-14, 2012
Module 4: September 16-18, 2012

Module 1: January 20-22, 2013
Module 2: February 17-19, 2013
Module 3: April 7 - 9, 2013
Module 4: May 5-7, 2013

Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification Level II
Module 1: Dec 2-4, 2012
Module 2: Jan. 13-15, 2013

Module 1: July 14-16, 2013
Module 2: September 15-17, 2013

Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification Level III
Module 1: August 19-21, 2012
Module 2: September 30-October 2, 2012

Module 1: Feb. 24-26, 2013
Module 2: March 24-March 26, 2013
Module 3: (assessment) June 2, 2013

Module 1 - October 27-29, 2013
Module 2 - November 24-26, 2013

Final Comprehensive Certification Assessment
November 25, 2012
June 2, 2013
January 19, 2014

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Your teacher trainer, Clare Dunphy, co-author of the Peak Pilates certification program, is a second generation Pilates teacher and has been teaching since 1995. She will expertly guide you through the Peak Pilates System course so you get started right.

The benefits of our primary education include:

Thanks to all your hard work, I taught my first group mat class today. Your approach to teaching trainers really made it a positive experience that I could not have imagined six months ago.  Your voice was in my head and it really guided me through the class.  I am very inspired to learn more.

—Spencer Steere, Cape Cod

Pilates Certification Programs

The Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification series is a multi-level certification program that provides integrated and systematic instruction on the mat, reformer and cadillac.

As you learn the sequencing critical to delivering the System effectively in our three-part progressive format, you benefit from Peak Pilates® Formula for Success—the proprietary mentoring/training model that heightens your confidence and capability as an instructor. All three levels are sufficiently structured for the new teacher, yet rich enough for the experienced trainer.

The Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification series is designed for the busy professional or student who seeks authentic, complete, and progressive Pilates education delivered in a time efficient manner. The 3 part Series is designed to be a progressive educational path, with each subsequent course building upon the others to form a full certification.

All certification programs are offered through a modular educational pathway, allowing you to progress at your own pace. Lectures and presentations are combined with practical applications to prepare instructors to teach both private sessions and small group classes.

We strive to make Teacher Training with Peak Pilates a source of fulfillment and achievement because to us, it’s about much more than a certificate. It’s about shaping people whose strength, balance and well-being start at the core—and show up in every aspect of their lives and the great things they’re able to accomplish.

With Peak Pilates education we strive to help students achieve the highest standards and become thoughtful, confident and responsible leaders in the Pilates community. We encourage students to develop their own style that blends their natural talents, unique skills and individual creativity with intimate knowledge of the standards, precision and technique that makes Pilates so effective.

Our philosophy is simple: We teach how to teach—not just what to teach. We focus on the classic Pilates method with a systematic training approach that produces excellent instructors. Classical Pilates is rhythmic, fluid and focused—connecting one movement to the next to build greater strength, flexibility and endurance. We refine it with sequencing that builds a Pilates body with maximum efficiency. At Peak Pilates, we’ve developed our unique coaching to increase the confidence and capabilities of each trainee.


Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification Level I

Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification Level I is the foundational program in the series. It is designed for the busy student/professional who seeks authentic yet progressive Pilates education in a highly integrated format. PPS-I includes instruction on the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac (tower end), Chairs and Barrels for beginner through intermediate levels. Through action-oriented coaching, self-evaluation tools and concrete feedback, Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification Level I prepares instructors to teach private sessions and small-group classes in a safe, effective and flowing workout.

Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification Level II

Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification Level II builds on skills learned in Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification Level I, and focuses on advancing cueing components, touch techniques, session adaptation and the needs of the more advanced athletic client, in addition to modifications and variations for the special needs client. Learn intermediate through advanced exercises, while deepening the skills needed to teach these exercises in private sessions and small-group classes.

Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification Level III

Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification Level III is the capstone module, refining and polishing your skills as an exceptional instructor. This course enhances material learned in Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification Level II, focusing on guidelines for progressions, touch techniques and advance cueing for all levels of students and small group classes.