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Sunni Almond

True Pilates Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

Sunni’s path to Pilates path began as her dance career ended. Prior to Pilates she taught aerobics (Jane Fonda style, ACE/IDEA & AFAA certifications) and studied Sports Medicine. Sunni started with a Mat education in the 90’s and completed a comprehensive program in 2008. She has over 20 years of trainings and workshops from both the contemporary and classical perspectives. Her teachers include Siri Dharma Galliano and Vil Shaynurov for nearly 7 years. Then, Project Return with Dana Santi, and most recently The Advanced Teaching Seminar with Clare Dunphy Hemani in 2019. Life has guided Sunni to create her Facebook Group: Going More Joe (an educational resource for Pilates teachers wanting to learn more about the classical system).

“Elevate” Mentor Program is in direct alignment with her values and philosophy to “share the wealth” and advocate for accessible education. She’s passionate about passing on the gems that have been shared with her.

“Intention is everything and practice makes one better; no one is perfect.”
—Sunni Almond

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