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Cecile Elias

Pittsburgh, PA

Cecile Elias completed her comprehensive training with Power Pilates.  

In recent years, she has completed The Classical Syllabus Program with MeJo Wiggin, The Advanced Teaching Seminar with Clare Dunphy Hemani and The Pilates Advanced Professional Teacher Training with Kathi Ross-Nash and continues to take class regularly with Elaine Ewing, Chris Robinson and Kathi Ross-Nash, while studying mentorship with Clare.  

Cecile first began regular Pilates mat as a way to exercise with a broken ankle! In college, she Fitness and Wellness major, managed a health club, Curves, and was then introduced to Pilates. 

When Cecile took mat certifications on a whim she was hooked! 

Through the Elevate Mentor Program, Cecile hopes to use her 17 years of teaching and continued studies to support, inspire and strengthen the skills of the teachers that will carry on the classical work!  

She believes that through the team of Elevate Mentors, more teachers can be reached, positively impacting more of the population!  More people, feeling and moving better, worldwide! 

“Trust the method. Pilates is for every Body and works best when taught to the body and mind and spirit in front of you.”  
—Cecile Elias

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