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Becky Dastrup

Chicago Western Suburbs, IL

Becky came to Pilates first as an additional qualification to add to her strong fitness resume.  

She soon found the benefit of Pilates to herself and others through studying and internalizing Pilates as a movement system.  

She hopes to continue to learn and share a deep understanding of healthy movement through Pilates as a member of the Evolve mentoring program.  

Every day “I learn something new!”

Becky realized that to be her best as an instructor she would need to let someone with more experience than myself help her to grow.  

She asked Clare to observe her teaching and be a guide to make the experience for her clients more effective and valuable.  

Becky allowed herself to be vulnerable to the mentoring process herself and was grateful for the considerate and patient guidance she found with Clare.  

She wants to do the same for other instructors.  

Becoming our best can be a scary place when it means opening up to someone else for help.  

It takes insight and intuition on the part of the mentor to provide support and direction in a positive and encouraging way.  

Becky wants to share this experience with other like minded teachers.

“Become Who You Are”
—Friedrich Nietzsche

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