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Anna McBain

Evolution Fitness Systems
Olny, MD

Anna McBain is currently the Pilates Director and a personal trainer at Evolution Fitness Systems, LLC in Olney, MD.

Her Pilates journey began in 2006 when she changed career paths from biotechnology and basic research where she was for 12 years. 

A lifelong athlete, the step into health and wellness was a natural choice.

While observing a Chair workshop given by Clare Dunphy Hemani, her passion for Pilates was truly ignited. 

This experience solidified her belief that Pilates is a thoughtfully designed exercise system that looks at the whole person, body and mind.

After completing her comprehensive education with Peak Pilates in 2009, guided by Cameron Macdonald, she began teaching at a number of studios before consolidating at Evolution Fitness Systems in 2012. 

Anna has thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from participating in workshops with Brett Howard, Blossom Leilani Crawford, Sonje Mayo, and Colleen Glenn.  She currently taking lessons from Diana Gore.

Anna feels this is the time to give back to the Pilates community. Through the Elevate Mentor Program she hopes to share her teaching experience with new teachers by guiding them to further their Pilates journey.

Her hopes are to help maintain the integrity of the Pilates Method and build a stronger community of Pilates enthusiasts. 

“When one teaches, two learn.” Robert Heinlein

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