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Looking for CEC’s to renew your NPCP Certification?

August 10, 2022

Get your NPCP  CECs this summer..... relax and learn at your own pace!

Evolving Pilates Perspectives

These three workshops are collectively called Evolving Pilates Perspectives.  Watch all three, take the assessment, and submit to the email on the assessment form to receive 14 NPCP CEC's.   Each workshop is broken down into 2-hour sessions to make viewing easier.
The topics include:

1.  The Lost Art of Sitting, Standing, and Squatting

2.  Right Rhythms as Game Changers

3.  Tech Neck Rescue

Learn More!

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So Now What?

February 27, 2022

Pilates teachers, what's next for you on your Pilates teaching journey?  Are you cultivating YOU?  Is it your time to get re-inspired?  What are the questions you should be asking yourself that you didn't know you should be asking?  Get a front-row seat to see what Elevate Pilates mentorship looks like in action! Be assured it is like no other program offered anywhere.

Come and join us for a free group chat, SO NOW WHAT? if you are wondering what your next step might be on your Pilates journey.  Are you curious about what a Pilates mentor experience is all about?  Join Clare and the Elevate mentor team to get a taste of what it's all about.  It's free but you need to register.  Register today for SO NOW WHAT?

When:  Friday, March 4th and March 18th at 4:00 PM EST.  

Where:  Zoom (It's free, but registration is required to get the code)

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Meet our new Mentorship Program ELEVATE!

August 8, 2021

Are you at the stage in your teaching where you want a little boost?  A little deeper insight?  A friendly immersive exeperience?  Here's why to consider Elevate as a next step.  Our mission is to help you:

  • gain a greater understanding of your capabilities, potential, strengths and needs as a teacher.
  • support your clients in reaching their goals
  • fill in some of your learning “gaps”
  • guide you in setting attainable personal and professional goals 
  • develop workable strategies for reaching those goals.
  • grow personally as a Pilates professional

A year in creation, decades in development!  Learn more...

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MOVE Right!  Rhythms Are Game Changers!  (6 NPCP CEC’s live attendance only)

November 19, 2020

As the holidays and New Year approach, it's a good time to think about where you are and how you want to grow.  Do you have certain exercises that elude you?  Maybe the Teaser?  The Overhead?  The Longspine Massage? Often it's the timing of the exercise which os off.  One of the lost skills that I see with the many teachers and students I work with is the art of the exercise rhythms.  This workshop was developed as a solution to improve the understanding and execution of the exercises so your body "gets it".  Right Rhythms Are Game Changers meets for 3 weeks, 2 hours each week.  Here's the details:

Meets 3x  January 5, 12,and 19, 2021   12:00-2:00 PM EDT.   6 NPCP Cec's (live only). Recorded Workshop available without CEC's

Elevate your personal practice and your teaching by honing the skills of moving with flow, musicality, timing + rhythm. Each exercise has it’s own unique rhythm that unlocks the greater potential of the exercise. First you get it in your body, then you learn to coach your clients to move that way too. Here’s where the art of teaching comes alive so be prepared to move, teach, and receive expert tips from Clare. We will start with the mat and reformer then move onto the rest of the apparatus as questions arise. As our wonderful Master Teacher Bob Leikens used to say, “rhythm saves” — and it’s true but sadly the rhythms are becoming a missing piece of the work for the next generation of teachers. 

Distinguish the key differences between rhythm, tempo, and timing.
Recognize the correct rhythms in the Mat and Intermediate reformer exercises
Identify when the rhythm is off.
Demonstrate how to use verbal cues and touch to correct the rhythm of an exercise.
Describe 3 key factors that identify when the exercise rhythm, timing, and tempo are working.

REGISTER HERE:   Right Rhythms Are Game Changers! Reinvigorate Your Pilates!

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September/October Workshops + Workout Schedule

August 31, 2020

First off, I hope everyone is well and taking care of yourself!  These are odd times for sure and while I miss seeing you, I'm enjoying our remote connections with friends from all over the globe.  Please, stay connected.

GREAT NEWS!  It's easy to take a class or workshop now with registration directly from my website.  The studio is set up with a great sound system, camera and lighting.  During class I have you projected onto a large screen so I can see you in action and give you personal feedback.  I do a combination of watching and demonstrating (as needed) but really want you to feel connected and know that I'm paying attention to you.

I miss seeing everyone in person and yet I am grateful to visit with everyone everywhere around the globe.  Please do check into class either by drop in or regularly.  The schedule will shift as the autumn moves in so keep in touch. 



In the meantime,  if your neck hurts from looking down at your screen,do this short routine everyday and you'll feel so much better.  

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