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Grow Your Private Client Base

January 23, 2012

Build your business even in this economic climate.  Sure it can be a challenge so here are a few ideas to help you build your base by getting exposure to potential new clients.  Take a multi-dimensional approach and remember that you generate the energy – so yes, just get out there and do it. 

1. Word of mouth:  There is nothing better then word of mouth referrals.  If you already have a few happy clients let them know you have space available if they know anyone who would benefit from your services.  If you are already teaching small group classes or mat classes, offer a 30-minute apparatus special.

2. Public Speaking: This is not as scary as it sounds.  Share your passion for and the benefits of the work!  Local community groups, senior centers, Chamber of Commerce and even hospitals are always looking for speakers to talk on various wellness subjects. Another is local sports teams or coaches.  

3. Network and cross-market with local shops and businesses:  Create a community of Pilates lovers!  Meet the owners and sales people at your local spa, salon, massage, and clothing stores.  What can you do to help them increase value for their customers?  Perhaps they are personally interested in what you offer or feel it can add to their customer experience.  Simply ask if they are willing put your information in a visible spot.  Get your brochure, business card, and post card in front of as many people as you can. You can do the same with chiropractors; massage therapists, and physical therapists if this is the population you want to attract.

4. Create a fun event that brings people together:  An open house inviting current clients, friends, and the local community - that is informative, yet fun - perhaps a demo with your students performing 3 reps of reformer or mat, maybe set to music to give extra flair.  Include local artists to show their work, have cheese, wine, and appetizers. Give it a theme like ‘ladies night’ - be creative! 

5. Make some noise:  Write an article for the local newspaper, or get them to write a story about you.  It could be a success story, a charitable cause you champion or an educational article.  You will be amazed how many people read these stories and pass on valuable information to others.

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